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My goal is to use my pain to heal not only myself but also the individuals who may need help in the healing process. I will use all my teachings and what i have learned to help aid in coping skills as well is physical health.

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Briana Isham

Briana is an entrepreneur, author, poet, artist, mental health advocate, and photographer. Born December 23. Who is from the greater Atlanta area and Loves being creative, and a part of the arts.

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“Depression Where: Journey To Recovery”
is out!

“I have written a journal to have a journey to recovery. I’m an advocate for healing in different ways for all ages. We are in an era where depression and suicide have reached an all time high. This journal is designed to help in the healing process to create a safe place for everyone to read and write down if unable to talk at that time. Until help is obtained, this is a gateway to help in the progression to healing. I dedicate this journal to everyone who has ever been told to suck it up and move on, to those who were told that their voice doesn’t matter, to those whose cries don’t get heard”